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Our high rise retractable pool enclosures offer the comfort and luxury of having a 3 season outdoor and indoor pool. You will have the chance to enjoy your new living space in any weather. Whether for a residence or a business, our high pool enclosures offer the feeling of being in an indoor pool when closed. and exterior when open. 


The shelter that replaces the fence!!! Yes, we have the ideal enclosure for new pool projects at a fraction of the price of an indoor pool. The lifting sides of the shelter will give you the chance to have windows everywhere! The bottom part being fixed at 1.20 meters and the door can be closed. You will have the chance to enjoy an interior space and avoid the costs of a fence. More details by clickingHERE !

Secur abri de piscine.jpg


The comfort of a high pool enclosure that allows you to create the atmosphere of your dreams. An emblematic enclosure that will give you the opportunity to finally enjoy your pool. 

abri piscine confort retractable.jpg


The Design enclosure is a pool cover that will allow you to walk on one side of your pool without hitting your head. Our engineers have succeeded in combining design and efficiency to offer you the most user-friendly shelter.

abri design retrackta montreal.jpg


Our strong model for residences, hotels and businesses that opt for a wider than normal shelter. This pool enclosure is a made-to-measure enclosure that will satisfy the most demanding.

Abri de piscine.jpg
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